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Update on 2018 Sweater Knitting Project

My Dark Night Rose Sweater knitting is coming along slowly.  As I wrote in my post on February 3, 2018, I had hoped to knit 7 hexagons a month.  Well, I certainly did not reach that goal in February.  I only knit 3 hexagon and a half hexagon. So now I have 5 full and 1 half hexagon.  They do however, make up the beginning of the right front of the sweater and the right armhole.

Here’s a photo of the progress that I made and while the ends still need to be woven in and they need to be blocked, I think this gives you an idea.

Dark Night Rose Sweater progress

I am really enjoying this knitting.  The yarn is lovely, the color vibrant, and using the Kollage square needles makes the knitting comfortable.

Knitting a Shawl

I did work on several other projects in February including this shawl with yarn from Dragonfly Fibers that I purchased at the 2017 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

This is all garter stitch in various shades of brown.   It is my evening knitting and very relaxing to knit.  I did purchase the 47 inch long circular needles to knit this project.  As I wrote in my post about knitting needle length, the correct length makes all the difference in the comfort of knitting.

Do you have a project of the year? The one knitting project that will require you to knit with a lot of effort but that you’re determined to finish.

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