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2018 Sweater Knitting Project

My sweater knitting project for 2018 is this wonderful Dark Night Rose Sweater by Koigu.  In October, 2017 I attended the Vogue destination trip to Ontario where we spent our time with the lovely owners of Koigu Yarns.  At dinner on our first evening, they gave away 3 kits to the participants.  I was fortunate to be chosen for this Dark Night Rose sweater kit.  The kit contains the 18 skeins of the Koigu KPM needed to knit the sweater and issue four of the Koigu Magazine with the pattern.  As you see, Kersti Landra who is modeling the sweater, signed my copy of the picture in the magazine.

This sweater is modular knitting consisting of 43 hexagons and several partial hexagons to complete the body of the sweater.  My first decision was to determine the best type of needles for these hexagons as they are all knit in the round.  I enjoy knitting with double point needles. The Kollage Square DP in a 7 inch length are the most comfortable for the amount of knitting in this project.  I like to make a copy of the pattern so I can write my notes on it without messing up the original pattern.  I also set up my notebook.  I find my knitting has a better flow when I use a notebook to simplify the pattern directions and track my rows or rounds as is the case here.  Finally, a stitch marker is a must for this pattern so that I know where the beginning of the round is located.

And so I cast on my first stitches and began

Here’s my first 2 completed Hexagons.  In addition to these, I completed a third one in January.

So now I have 40 more to knit.  Each one is easier than the last as I have become familiar with the pattern.  My goal is to finish this in time for my October trip to Ireland.  I’ll be knitting my way across Ireland for 10 days and I want to wear this sweater.

So my plan is to knit 7 hexagons a month from now through July and use the month of August to complete the sleeves.  Quite a goal for me considering I work on many projects at the same time.  I’ll be posting updates as I go and I would love your encouragement to keep me on track.  This is just too beautiful a sweater and such a wonderful gift from the Landra’s to sit in my UFO pile.




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