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A Special Edition Dress Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, I’d like to share this special knitting pattern with you.  I first introduced the Joyfully Twirling Dress Dishcloth pattern in 2014 shortly after my good friend passed away.  She was a remarkable woman who lived with breast cancer for more than 20 years.  We worked together and every week she went to her chemo session after work and was back in the office the next day.  She was an incredible role model who lived her life as if she was free of discomfort.  I don’t know how she did that but I do know that she was often feeling less than terrific.

Joyfully Twirling is the dress dishcloth that I designed in her memory.  The knitting pattern is not for sale although, I’m happy to share it with any knitter who would like a copy.  All I ask is that you make a donation to the breast cancer organization of your choice.  A quick search led me to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Breast Cancer Charities of America websites where I discovered lots of helpful information and their mission statements.

Once you’ve made your donation, leave me a comment or email me and let me know which organization received your donation.  I will email you the digital version of the Joyfully Twirling Dress Dishcloth pattern.

Remember, the dress dishcloths also make lovely washcloths.  The one pictured here is on a container of Dove Body Wash.

Once you have the pattern, feel free to use the finished dress dishcloths at your craft fairs and fund raising events.

My hope is that this fancy little cloth will bring a smile and a bit of comfort to all who knit or receive one.

29 thoughts on “A Special Edition Dress Dishcloth Knitting Pattern

  1. I am busy hand quilting quilts of which I will be donating 25% to breast cancer action, (it is a support group in Ottawa, Canada) up to now I have $140.00 to send to them. I would love the pattern so I can make some to raise more money for breast cancer action.
    Thank you

    1. Check your email. I just sent the pattern to you. Thank you for your wonderful work. I hope you enjoy knitting the dress dishcloths.

  2. Thank you for re-releasing this pattern.

    My grandmother died of breast cancer when I was 3 and my two aunts and a cousin are breast cancer survivors. (Another cousin died of melanoma and my dad is a prostate and colon cancer survivor.)

    I donated to the Shades of Pink Foundation in the Detroit area (where my aunts and cousin live).

  3. Hi Debbie –
    My cousin has breast cancer and I was thinking of knitting one of these Joyfully Twirling for her to brighten her day. Can you please send me the pattern. Thanks

  4. I work with a group of breast cancer survivors that provides special items for those undergoing treatment(s); such as knit hats and scarves. I would also like to make up the dishcloth dress to dress up bottles of lotions to add as gifts.

    1. Sending the pattern to your email address. Thanks for the special work that you do. The dresses will add a special touch.

  5. Hi Debbie,
    I’ve been making sets of dishcloths and your Dishcloth Dresses to both give to patients and also to sell (100% of the proceeds goes to our local hospital for Breast Cancer patients) for quite a few years now. Would you please let me know where I can either purchase or download the Special Edition Joyful Twirling Dishcloth Dress pattern. This way I can include it with the other sets that I do up.
    Thanks So Much for Everything that you do,

  6. I donate to Canadian Cancer Society at Elgin Middlesex Community Office in London, Ontario in memory of my aunt, cousin and grandma plus a sweet lady at my church who passed away of cancer.

  7. Hello Debbie,

    Would love to make this beautiful dress for the breast cancer patients at PIH Health Hospital,Whittier, Calif. where I volunteer.

    My 2019 donation to the Patricia H. Scheifly Breast Center was made in honor of five family members RIP. I am a 16 yr survivor–this hospital saved my life!

    Currently knitting more Knockers (see my project page). These towels would bring a smile to our patients! God Bless!

  8. Hi Debbie.
    I am a breast cancer survivor. My mother is too. I knit hats and donate them to the Northside Hospital Cancer Center in Alpharetta, GA where both my mother and I received our treatment. I would very much like to knit this beautiful pattern to put on bottles of hand sanitizer to donate. They keep lots of bottles of the sanitizer in the chemo thereapy treatment area and this dress in pink will really be a nice touch to brighten the area. I purchased your book and made some of the dresses and gifted them, along with a bottle of dish soap to the nurses who work in the area.
    I would appreciate receiving a copy of the pattern.

  9. I would love to have a copy of this pattern for my grandmother who can no longer make big blankets, but who would love to knit something small and useful for us as she goes through treatment. Thanks!

  10. Hi, I would love to make these for my family members-I have made a contribution to a local breast cancer charity Bra Couture KC. Could I please get a copy of the pattern?

  11. Hello
    I love this cable dress pattern!
    I am a nurse and often work in our chemo clinic There are some ladies there who would love to ‘group knit’ this pattern while receiving the chemo (as some knit during their session)
    We would very much appreciate it if you could share this pattern. I think it would be so much fun for them!
    Thank you very much for your consideration!

  12. Just donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Can’t wait to start on the pattern!

    Great idea to raise money for a charity.

  13. I would love to make this pattern. I am currently in remission and hoping to stay this way and would love to make this pattern

  14. Donation made to the national breast Cancer foundation, can’t wait to knit these up! Thank you for making such a beautiful pattern

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