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Tracks on the Field Knit Hat Pattern

The Underground Crafter is hosting the Free Hat Pattern KAL and this week it’s my turn to provide you with a new knit hat pattern.

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Tracks on the Field Knit Hat


Worsted Weight yarn-approximately 150 yards

 U.S. Size 7-16-inch circ needles

U.S. Size 7 double pointed needles

Stitch Marker


Cast on 96 stitches.  Place marker and Join to work in the round

Ribbing- Work 1-1/2 inch of K1, P1 ribbing

Increase 3 stitches evenly on the last row of ribbing

Round 1: (K1, P3, K1, P4)

Round 2: (K1, P3, K1, P4)

Round 3: Knit around

Round 4: P2, K1, (P8, K1) end P6

Round 5: P2, K1, (P8, K1) end P6

Round 6: Knit around

Rounds 7-36: Repeat Rounds 1-6 five additional times

Rounds 37-41: Repeat Rows 1-5

Begin Decreases

Round 42: K6, K2tog, (K7, K2tog) end K1

Round 43: (K1, P3)

Round 44: (K1, P3) around

Round 45: K4, K2tog, K1, K2tog, (K2, K2tog) to last stitch-remove marker place marker after K2 and then P2tog

Round 46: P1, K1, (P5, K1) end P3

Round 47: P2, K1, (P5, K1) end P3

Round 48: (K2tog, K1) around (44 stitches remain

Round 49: (K1, P1) around

Round 50: (K1, P1) around

Round 51: (K2tog) around

Round 52: Knit around

Round 53: (K2tog) around (11 stitches remain)

Thread through remaining stitches and pull tight to finish

Weave in ends

Tracks on the Field Set with Hat and Scarf

When you’ve finished your hat, you can knit a coordinating scarf with the Tracks on the Field Scarf. You’ll find the pattern HERE.

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