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Have you tried Square Knitting Needles?

I recently knit with Louet Kollage square knitting needles for the first time. I have been designing several spa cloths using two strands of Louet Euroflax linen held together and due to the nature of the linen, I decided to try using the square needles.

I am so pleased with the process of knitting with these needles. They are comfortable and the stitches move easily on the square needles. In addition, my hands didn’t cramp or ache even after a long period of time.

Since I had such a good experience using the U.S. Size 6 needles with the Euroflax, when I saw this lovely sweater the

Long Sleeved Bane Laceweight by Melissa Kemmerer



and decided to try knitting it with a lace weight yarn, I purchased a pair of 24 inch circular needles in U.S. Size 4.





Here’s my swatch so far. I don’t know if I would attempt this gauge sweater with a round needle. So far the knitting is very comfortable.

There’s more information on knitting with two strands of Euroflax in this blog post on the Louet Blog.


Here’s the Spa Cloth that I completed with the Euroflax and Kollage Square needles. This is Crossings and is the third Spa cloth knitting pattern in my collection. I have plans for 2 more spa cloths in the collection.


So have you used square knitting needles? I’d love to hear about your experience with them. If you haven’t tried them, would you consider it?

7 thoughts on “Have you tried Square Knitting Needles?

    1. I’m amazed that it took me so long to try them. I knit about 6 hours a day so I don’t think I can add any time to my knitting day!

  1. I have been using Kollage square needles ever since I discovered them a year or two ago,. I retired all my other needles (I’ve been knitting for about 45 years), & have been gradually buying these square straights in every size I can (although I just discovered I’m missing the 5.50`s, dang it lol). I won’t use anything else now.

    1. I have so many needles that I enjoy using although, I will probably add a complete set of Kollage needles to my tools too.

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