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Toddler Sweater Knit and Gifted

My first purchase at the 2017 Rhinebeck Indie Untangled was a kit from Shelridge Yarns that included 3 skeins of their DK weight superwash merino yarn and the pattern for the Neapolitan Cardigan by Cabin Fever in the perfect colors of pink, gray, and white for my Granddaughter.  Since she is about to turn 2, I wanted to knit it in time for her to wear this winter.  I started it in August and set up my project page on Ravelry.  I’m fabricmkr on Ravelry if you want to take a look at my project page.

The cardigan is top down with raglan shaping.  I get so excited when I reach the underarm and it starts to look like a sweater.  Take a good look at my needles.  They are my new favorites needles. Read more about my love of these needles in this blog post.  Kollage square needles really helped make this a comfortable knitting experience.

The edging on this pattern is genius.  It is the first time that I found an i-cord edging built right into the knitting so there is no finishing required once the cardigan is knit.

The cardigan knit quickly and changing color was relatively easy.  Then it was on to the sleeves.  Since the sleeves are knit in the round on double pointed needles, I made progress very slowly.  If I knit this sweater in more than one color again, I would knit the sleeves flat and sew the seams.  Managing the 3 colors really slowed down my knitting. The cardigan knitting was finished mid October and then came the fun part, buttons!  I went online and found these.

My granddaughter loves her kittens so these were ideal.  They were so easy to place since the pattern has you knit buttonhole openings on both sides.  The buttons are sewed over the buttonhole openings on one side.

This is the final result

And for a special touch, I sewed this Knit by Grandma tag from Katrinkles.  This was a big hit with my granddaughter.  She loved the secret surprise on the inside.

The sweater fits her beautifully and she really likes wearing it.  This is definitely one of my favorite projects of 2018.  I recommend this pattern and would knit it again.  The knitting pattern is sized in Ages 1-6 so I may knit the cardigan in a solid color when she grows out of this one.




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