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One Beautiful Button

My trip to Avignon, France in May included visits to many wonderful places and as always, I visited lots of shops.  After visiting the Yarn Shop, I noticed a shop window full of buttons and ribbon and other treasures.  To me a good shop is as wonderful as a good museum exhibit.  I love to experience the way that people express themselves by how they arrange the items that they stock in their shops.

The shop is Le Cartonnier de Marie and it was a joy to visit.   Everywhere I looked, I found wonderful things. At the rear of the store was this incredible work space.

  A display of postcards caught my attention too.  I bought this one which totally expresses my love of doll clothes that are handmade. There’s lots of doll clothes on my blog Dressing our Dolls.

Postcard by http://www.ludomedition.com/

Even the bag that the store owner used is beautiful.

So now that I’m home, what will I do with this one beautiful button?  I decided to look for a sweater pattern that only needed one button.  After looking through the patterns on Ravelry, I found one that I really like.  It’s the Lady Kina


Once that was decided, I needed yarn for my project.  Guess what, I went to several shops before I left on my trip during the New Jersey Wool Walk and I had purchased 5 skeins of Perfection Tapas by Kraemer Yarn at All About Ewe in Clark. 

The color, Roquefort #9010, is my favorite green with a hint of teal and golden threads running through it.  The button compliments the color beautifully.  The green of the leaves and the small golden blossoms come alive next to this yarn, along with the turquoise blossoms.

I cast on this sweater this week and hope to finish it in about 6 weeks.  This is a project full of wonderful memories.  I can’t wait to wear it!

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