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I have been a member of Ravelry since 2008. If you knit or crochet, I highly recommend that you join. The forums are a wonderful way to converse with other knitters.  Learning from each other has expanded my knitting considerably. Posting finished projects in my notebook allows me to share my knitting with others and provides me with a diary of some of my work.  I continue to find ways to use the features to help my knitting time be more productive.

 Recently, I took the time to list some of my yarn in the stash section.  Then I started matching up some of the 238 patterns that I’ve added to my queue to the yarn that I already have.   It was great fun.  Like putting together a puzzle.  I now have a master list of projects that I already own the yarn.   Here’s the next project that I want to knit.

Buttons Cardigan #606 using Cabin Fever Yarn

Button Cardigan by Dana Gibbons

I have 2 skeins of Cabin Fever Tweed in Denim.  I’m not sure what I originally planned for this yarn but this sweater is the ideal project for it. Cabin Fever Tweed is 45% Cotton and 55% acrylic, machine wash and dry which makes it great for clothing. 

Actually, I may cast this on today.  As always, I’m working on several projects.  My projects seem to take a long time to complete and taking a break from one to work on another seems to make them all get finished sooner.

Here’s to working with the yarn in my stash, although I know there will be new yarn and new projects that aren’t in the queue.

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