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A Woven Ribbon Style Knit Dishcloth Pattern

I designed a place mat that I’m using for meal time this summer.  I really like having place mats especially knit ones.  I use worsted weight cotton that is machine washable so I can wash and dry them whenever something spills on them.  The pattern is available in both my Ravelry Shop and my Craftsy Shop.

While looking through stitch patterns to use in another placemat design, I discovered a woven ribbon style that uses knit and purl stitches only. When repeated, it is great as a dishcloth.  So I thought that I’d share it with you.

The yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Nautical in a color called Stormy Skies a nice grey.  With so many stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, I was happy to finally find grey yarn.  I bought the big skein, 608 yards so I have plenty for lots of dishcloths.  I’ll be making The Night on the Town Dress Dishcloth from my Knit a Dish Cloth Dress Book so I have gift sets ready
for the holidays.

The finished dishcloth is an 8 1/2 inch square. Hope you enjoy knitting and using this dishcloth

Woven Ribbon Dishcloth

Worsted weight cotton yarn
U.S. Size 7 knitting needles


Cast on 38 stitches

Knit 5 rows of garter stitch


Row 1:  (RS) Knit across
Row 2:   K3, P32, K3
Row 3:   Knit across
Row 4:   K3, P2, (K4, P2) 5 times, K3
Row 5:   Knit across
Row 6:   K3, P2, (K4, P2) 5 times, K3
Row 7:   Knit across
Row 8:   K3, P32, K3
Row 9:   Knit across
Row 10:  K3, K2, (K1, P2, K3) 5 times, K3
Row 11:  Knit across
Row 12:  K3, K2, (K1, P2, K3) 5 times, K3

Knit Rows 1-12 Three times

Knit Rows 1-9

Knit 4 Rows of Garter Stitch

Cast off on WS

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