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Joyfully Twirling A Special Edition Knit Dress Dishcloth

Joyfully Twirling is a special edition dress style dishcloth that I designed in honor of a good friend of mine.  The pattern is not part of my online shop and will not be in the future.  The sole purpose of this pattern is to generate funds to donate to Breast Cancer Charities.  Currently the pattern is available at Funky Needles as part of their fund raising efforts for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Simple to knit, this is the first dress style dishcloth with a cable stitch pattern.

If your organization is interested in selling this pattern as part of your fundraising efforts, please contact me.  I will gift it to one fund raising campaign at a time. 


8 thoughts on “Joyfully Twirling A Special Edition Knit Dress Dishcloth

  1. Hi,
    I am on a fundraising committee for Iris Kirby House, a organization to help mothers and children in abusive situations. Would love this pattern for a fundraiser we do in November.

    1. Hi Cathy:

      I would be happy to provide the pattern for your fundraiser. Please email me the details of the fund raiser and I’ll email you the pattern.

      1. We do fundraiser at work (Memorial University of Newfoundland) for staff and students. We sell crafts ,baked goods, silent auction and white elephant. All proceeds go to our charity.

  2. I like this pattern is so beautiful where I buy this pattern let me know on my email please thank you very much for your time @++++

    1. This is a special edition dress dishcloth. Simply donate to your favorite breast cancer charity and email me the receipt. I will email you the pdf pattern.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL !!! I have lost 3 family members to Breast Cancer. I donate baskets to different charities. Everything is hand knitted. Would love a copy of pattern.
    Will send photo of what goes in basket
    Thank you
    For your support💕💕

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