Knit Teddy Bear using Sock Yarn

I spent yesterday sewing this 10 inch high bear together. The pieces were a quick and simple knitting project. The body is done in one piece from the legs to the top of his head and the arms, ears, and snout are knit separately.

The pattern is part of the More than Socks! booklet featuring Red Heart Heart & Sole yarns.

The yarn for this bear is Sockotta by Plymouth yarns that has been in my stash for quite awhile. It was supposed to be a pair of socks or a baby sweater but the colors yearned to be this bear.

His snout is a knit with Red Heart Yarns Heart & Sole in Ivory and sewed on after he was assembled.

His eyes, nose, and mouth are embroidered on using a black cotton embroidery floss.

I’m thrilled with the way the self striping works in this bear. I did match the yarn when knitting both the legs, arms, and ears so that they would be at the same part of the self striping.

This is now my favorite bear pattern for this weight yarn. I think I can use a lot of leftover sock yarn to create more bears.

Imagine using one yarn for his feet another for the legs and body to the waist (Pants) and another for the upper half of the body and arms as a shirt. There are a lot of possibilities.

He still needs a name! Any suggestions?

One thought on “Knit Teddy Bear using Sock Yarn

  1. If it was a girl I would have suggested Clementine, but for a boy maybe Constantine?
    I'm almost tempted to look for the booklet and try it out but I'm not a good knitter and rarely manage to finish anything!

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