January Work in Progress

With the holidays over, I inventoried the WIP knitting projects

I started these socks sometime last fall. The yarn is Ty-Dy Sock in Color 1672 by Knit One Crochet Too. There is so much color in this yarn that I decided the best sock was a plain stockinette stitch sock.

When I brought the yarn home, I immediately started to knit with it. I worked on this sock every day for about a week getting the heel turned and about 3 inches of the foot done. Then, for some reason that I can’t recall, I put them aside.

I have 3 other pairs of socks in progress, so Friday, I decided it was time to start to finish some of them. Because this sock is the closest to being finished, I’m working on it first. Besides, with this cold weather, I need all the socks I can finish.

The new project on my list is an afghan.

When I went to Michael’s to scout out yarn for the afghan, I found these great stationary sets in the Dollar Deals. I’m a big fan of shabby chic prints and I really love these two sets.

Total cost was $6.00 and I have two sets that include a journal with matching pen and notepad. There’s something about fancy stationary that makes me feel good.

I’ve also been busy sewing. Here’s the second “Buttercup” Bag that I made. This one is in my Etsy Shop. There’s more photos there. This little bag is really useful. I’m carrying the original one with me. It’s really handy.

And just to chase away the winter chill, these beautiful tulips were in the floral department of my local grocery store. They do cheer up the house.

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