Latest Sewing Project

This is “Buttercup”, my latest bag design. This bag measures 5 inches wide and 2 inches deep and it’s 5 inches high when closed. It’s a simple design that closes with one button.

When open, the inside edge is curved to allow for ease in getting things in and out of the bag. The top inch of the inside edge folds over the outer edge when it’s closed, keeping my things secure.

To complete it, I’ve added a loop and key chain and hook.

The fabric is cotton and it has a lightweight fleece in between the layers for stability.

This great little bag will be in my purse to hold all those small items that usually fall to the bottom. When not in my purse, I plan to use it for quick trips to the store to hold my phone, id, and change purse.

I think it will also make a good bag for my knitting tools.

Looks like I’ll have to make a few more.

Check my Etsy shop in the near future for more like this one.

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