Knitting Today Magazine-It’s terrific!

Thanks to Twitter (which I just joined, I’m @knitnsewstudio), I heard about this new knitting magazine last weekend. I checked out their website and then went to my bookstore and found the magazine.

I’m so glad that I did.

First, they do the one thing that I truly appreciate. They use the back page as an index with a small photo of all the projects in the magazine. This is so valuable to me. When I start looking through all my knitting patterns, it really helps to have the index photos so that I do not have to search the entire magazine.

Then there’s the variety of patterns. My favorites in this issue include the clutch bag, cell phone cover, vintage cardigan, and an adorable six and a half inch bear with a sweater.

I don’t know which one to knit first.

This magazine is on my “must have” list. I’m looking forward to their next issue.

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