A Tour of My Studio Space

Cloth Paper Scissors has announced a blog tour of studio spaces and I wanted to welcome everyone to my favorite work space.

Through the years, I’ve lived in several places and always yearned for a large room where I could knit and sew and relax. A place that would hold my many supplies and tools along with space to display some of my finished projects while they waited for a recipient.

After years of working at the dining room table, I had a home with a 4′ by 6′ room. That was my first studio. Working in there was difficult but I loved having a space to call my own. Five years ago, I moved here and set up this 15′ by 20′ room as my studio.

Here’s some pictures and a few captions to highlight some of my favorite things in and about the studio.

Above is my sewing space. A nice long table and plenty of light. The globe lamp on the sewing table has been with me since high school.

The dress form is “Scarlet”. She’s wearing an apron that I made and is holding a draw string bag that I made from two vintage linen towels.

The framed apron is my first sewing project. I was 7 years old and also in the frame is my Girl Scout badge for sewing.

The cabinet holds some of my sewing and knitting pattern books. On top sits my growing collection of dressed dolls. Each of these dolls is wearing an outfit that I knit.

The white cabinet has individual spaces that were meant for shoes but I use them to hold all kinds of notions. There’s zippers, and buttons, and tools of all sorts in there. On top are two of the containers that I use to store my straight knitting needles.

Here’s the view from the sewing machine. The other end of the room has my favorite couch. I spend a lot of time on that couch both knitting and planning my projects. In the background is a table with two chairs in front of the windows. The light is great there!

The room has a great closet. I’ve added a set of drawers that hold more yarn and lots of other supplies. And below is the bookshelf that’s in the closet. Home to more pattern books.

Oh, and please excuse the mess but that’s how I work best. I do clean up sometimes but this is what it usually looks like!

And finally, here’s the cabinet that is home to some of my finished projects. When I need a gift, that’s where I shop!

So thanks for stopping by. I’ve added this Answer Garden so please let me know how you like my workspace.


How do you like my Studio space?… at AnswerGarden.ch.

6 thoughts on “A Tour of My Studio Space

  1. I loved the personal touches! I wish I had saved my first sewing projects and/or awards and badges! I also loved that you go shopping for gifts right in your studio. I am so jealous of your natural light. Thanks for sharing. You've given me ideas for my studio. Now if only I can figure out a way to keep the sawdust from my husband's workshop out of my studio! 🙂

  2. I love that you framed your first sewing project! My first one was an apron too and I still have it. My Aunt Katie gave me a piece of pink and white gingham fabric to sew it with and I was so proud. What a nice large well lit space you have to create in. Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

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