New Sock Sunday

This afternoon, I gave in and started a pair of socks with this beautiful Madeline Tosh Sock yarn. I bought this yarn at a festival last fall. Several months ago, I took it out wound the skein into this ball. Then I put it back because I was working on 4 other pairs of socks. Well, I’m still working on those other socks but I couldn’t resist starting to work with this yarn.

The color is called “gilded”. It’s a wonderful golden yellow. Just perfect for this time of year.

I’m using my basic sock pattern but I’m using the slipped stitch pattern from another pattern for the sock.

As for the 4 pairs that are already started, I know I’ll finish them eventually but sometimes a yarn just won’t wait any longer to be used. I did start and finish the Baby Boom socks recently so I can justify starting these.

In the meantime, I continue to use stash yarn to create fingerless gloves. I’ve finished 6 pairs so far and I have two more pairs on the needles right now. These are great stashbusters. Some of the pairs are in my etsy shop along with some kitchen knits.

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