2011 Calendars for Knitter’s & Yarn Enthusiasts

I’m thrilled to share this Tea Towel Calendar call Yarn Dessert for 2011. I designed this calendar using yarn and various dessert dishes. If you’d like to order one, click here.

I’d also like to hear what you think of the calendar and so I’m adding this answer garden, please let me know. All your comments will appear in the “Garden”


How do you like the 2011 Yarn Dessert Calendar?… at AnswerGarden.ch.

And, there’s another calendar being released shortly. It’s the 2011 Dishcloth Calendar. The calendar includes many, many patterns for dishcloths and other household items. I designed one more dress dishcloth pattern to be included in the calendar. Visit Dishcloth Calendar dot com for the calendar, a free pattern, and more.

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