The View in the Park

One of my favorite things to do is take my knitting to the local park.
It was perfect weather the other day and off I went.

And here’s the view of the park and some ducks that live there.

These are the fingerless gloves that I worked on while I was there.

I’m working on making useful items from the odd balls of yarn in my stash. I have several beautiful yarns that I purchased over time. Since I only bought 2 skeins of most of these yarns, I only have a few choices for projects. I really like these simple ribbed fingerless gloves and so I’m making several pairs.

Here’s a pair that I just finished.

One of my goals this summer is to knit doll clothes from some of the vintage patterns that I have. Here’s Betty, she’s a 16 inch porcelain doll that I won at the Boardwalk at the beach several years ago. The pattern is from a 1947 book titled “I Learn to Knit for My Doll Primrose”, There’s several patterns in this book but for now I’m just going to make the sweater and skirt. She’ll need a blouse too, so I’ll be doing some sewing.

For those of you that sew, have you heard of the ConKerr Cancer Pillowcase Project. Here’s the link to the instructions. There are many drop off sites listed. I have some fabric in my studio that will make great pillowcases. It’s a really simple project that will make a child smile. Thanks to Craft Hope for passing on the information.

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