Sewing is still my First Love

I just love my summer vacation. Two weeks off from work and plenty of time to spend in my studio. I finished several knitting projects and also had plenty of time to sew. Nothing makes time disappear faster than sitting at my sewing machine.

If I only had someone to fix my meals so I didn’t have to be interrupted by grocery shopping and cooking!

This first bag is from fabric that I bought last year. The colors are perfect and the handles are real wood. I don’t remember where I ordered them from. They’ve been around for a few years. The pattern is very simple. I want to make more of these and add a button closure.

The other bag is made from a vintage tablecloth that I purchased this spring. I totally enjoy working with vintage tablecloths. I added the buckle closure. I found the buckle at an antique fair. There is a marvelous woman that sells buttons and buckles. I get lost at her stand every time she does a show. She has thousands of selections.

This buckle is bakelite and the color coordinates with the fabric really well. This is my new everything bag. I’ll carry it often. Great for knitting projects, paperwork from the office, and even as a handbag.

I also finished my vintage doll outfit. I just need to weave in the ends and take some pictures. Now I’m on to a sweater for winter, a pair of complicated cable socks, and back to a top that I started a year ago and the vintage baby sweater that I started in May.

Along with all that knitting, I want to make several more bags and do some more sewing before my job takes over my time again!

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