Lots of Finished Projects!

Here are my Red Socks, finished and ready for Fall. I really enjoyed working with this yarn. I finished these socks in less than a month. Of course, I didn’t work on them every day. I can’t wait to wear them!

I’m so happy that I finished a pair that I started working on these great Teal and Gray socks. I had about 5 inches of the leg done and then they sat unattended all winter. I’m a little disappointed in this yarn. The gray has pooled in a circular way but I do like the color combination.

While at the library, I discovered the Lucy Neatby DVD called Knitting Gems. I recommend it highly. I watched the attached I-cord segment and immediately had to try it. I knit this small coaster and attached a 3 stitch I-cord. I’m pleased with the finished edge that it gives the coaster. I think that I’ll use that edging more often.

And here’s 4 of the purses that my summer school students made. This was a beginner’s knitting class and the girls are 5th and 6 th graders. They learned to cast on, cast off, create garter stitch and stockinette stitch. They really had fun. Two of the girls decided to add knitted flowers to their bags.

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