Antique Fair Find!

I found another piece of Gonder Ceramics at a fair last weekend. This is Mold #E-44, Small Swan Planter. Gonder Ceramic pieces are difficult to find so I was really excited to find this swan. I now have 5 pieces along with the original vase that started me on this collection.

We were cleaning my Aunt’s house and I asked for the Star Fish vase that had been sitting in the same spot on the end table for as long as I could remember. My aunt’s words were “that old thing, of course you can have it”. I brought it home and my mom cleaned it up. I then went searching for Gonder on the web and found a book “Gonder Ceramics Arts“. I’ve been on the look out for pieces ever since.

And, I’m happy to report that I finished another baby blanket from the 8 hour baby blanket book by Encore. This is yarn from my stash. I’m so happy to be reducing the size of my stash. I haven’t added to the stash in a long time.

I continue to become fussier with my purchases and I’m really enjoying it. The pressure of all that unused yarn was getting to me.

Right now, I’m working on finishing a shawl that was started in 2004. In between, I’m working on my apron pattern. I hope to release it shortly. I’m knitting the second one and correcting the pattern as I go. Hope I don’t need to knit a third one before I release the pattern.

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