Had to Have New Yarn!

Work has been extremely stressful the last two weeks and will be just as stressful for the next month so today I just had to make a trip to the yarn store. There’s a shop in the next town that opened a while ago but I hadn’t been there yet so today was the day. I was delighted to find many of the brands that I enjoy knitting with. I came home with this:It’s a 100% merino hand painted sock yarn. I just love the colors. They are so happy and fun. I’m not making socks with this. I think I’ll either make gloves or maybe a small shawl. I have 350 yards so I’m off to search ravelry for patterns.

Also, after 3 years I finished my sweater during the storm last weekend. I’m just thrilled with the way it came out. It’s a simple top down pattern from Creative Knitting Magazine. Their patterns seem to be fool proof. It fits wonderfully. I’m so pleased with this sweater.
I know the picture is not the best but I hope you get the idea. This sweater is made with yarn from my trip to England and so I’ll enjoy wearing it even more than usual.

So now it’s back to my work and hopefully time to wind the Claudia yarn and find a pattern to knit.

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