Tea, Anyone!

I found this great teapot in Marshall’s for $7 and it was just the right size for the tea cozy that I started earlier this week. It’s as cute as could be. Small enough for just 2 cups of tea and oblong shaped.

And here it is, dressed in my new Tea Cozy. The yarn is from my stash. I purchased it on a trip to Maryland. There’s a store in Columbia called All About Yarn. The label says it’s wool but it has an elasticity to it that usually is not in wool. It’s also an Italian brand that I haven’t heard of. I was intrigued by the color combination of this yarn. It’s very 1950’s retro.

The cozy pattern is one I found on Ravelry. It’s the Broken Rib Tea Cozy. A terrific pattern. Very simple. This made for some easy knitting this week and the wonderful feeling of accomplishment that comes with a quick project. I’ll be making more of these Tea Cozies but I’ll have to buy pots to go with them. So, I’ll use my stash yarns but will spend some money on the pots. Maybe another idea for a Craft Fair or that shop that I keep imagining.

The shop I imagine is for rent right now. If I had the time and the resources, I’d be signing the lease. If it’s meant to be, it will happen!

Also this week, I did a few rows on my blanket, but not enough to measure. I’m still working on dishtowel toppers and fingerless gloves. And I picked up a pair of socks and started working on them again. This weather makes me wish I’d finished more socks.

I’m having my first on line party next weekend. Maddy Moo Design your own handbag. These bags are great for knitting projects and as handbags. Let me know if you’d like an invitation.

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