A Little Progress!

I’m making progress using the yarns that I’ve collected. Last week, I made these green fingerless gloves. Same pattern as I used in December. The gloves are made with Debbie Bliss Yarns. I had one skein of each of these greens, so I put them together for these gloves. These will get added to the closet with the finished things , ready for gift giving or my next sale. The blue/grey ones are made with a wool that has been in the closet for at least 7 years. I only have these two skeins so these fingerless gloves are an ideal way to use it up. I have several more single skeins of yarn that I picked up in my travels and so I’m going to continue to use it up making these fingerless gloves. I have a red Debbie Bliss Tweed that is calling out to me. I think it’s going to be a regular pair of gloves hopefully with a cable stitch. I’ve found several patterns on Ravelry so I just need to pick one and get started.

My knitting the last few weeks has not been very focused, I seem to work on a different project every time I sit down. This makes for very slow going and not many finished projects.

I went through several pattern books the other evening, searching for the next great project but haven’t found it yet.

And here’s my blanket. It’s now 19 inches long. That means I only knit 4 inches in the last two weeks. It’s coming out beautifully. I’m still hoping to finish this one by spring.

One thought on “A Little Progress!

  1. Love the pattern of your blanket. I especially like the seed stitch on the borders. Nothing like knitting an afghan during the winter months. Keeps your hands busy and your legs warm.

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