This week’s Knitting and two Dream Projects

Here’s my Diamond textured blanket. I knit a few inches this week so now it’s 15 inches long. I’ve got quite a ways to go but if this weather continues, it will be easy to get done by spring.
Here’s a photo of the cover of the August 1955 issue of Workbasket magazine. I have wanted to make this jacket for many years and I think this will be the year that I get to it. It seems to call for a DK weight yarn, 5 stitches and 8 rows to an inch. I’ll absolutely have to swatch before I attempt this. I have a yellow DK wool from Bartlett Yarns that I purchased at the MSWF last May and I think I may use it for this.
Another dream project is to make a bedspread with this Bernat Handicrafter Cotton. It’s a light weight, just a little heavier than fingering but not quite DK. This project could take a few years. Last summer, I attempted to start the quares but as you can see, I only made half of one square. I do love the leaf pattern though. I have about 30 balls of this yarn so I know it will be plenty when I get to it. By the way, I purchased this yarn in September of 2000. There was a huge warehouse type sale and I got it for next to nothing. It’s moved with me twice already and I have a feeling, it will move again before it actually turns into the bedspread.
Mean time, I did manage to finish this scarf this week. It goes perfectly with a pair of gloves that I made, so now I have a new set for the winter. I’m going to wait to use it until a little later in the season when I have the urge for something new.

I’m also working on another pair of fingerless gloves with some yarn in my stash and a few more dishtowel toppers. Both are fun projects.

Tonight, I’m going to start a tea cozy with another yarn from my stash. Another item I’ve wanted to make for a long time and I’m finally getting to it.

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