Antique Fair Finds & Not much Knitting Time

September brings many Antique Fairs to this area. I visited one on Labor Day and another one last weekend. The Gonder Vase pictured above was my find last weekend. This is the fifth in my collection. I started collecting Gonder Ceramic pieces a few years ago. While helping my aunt clean out my grandmother’s house, I spotted a vase in the livingroom that had been in the same spot on the end table for as long as I could remember. I asked my aunt if I could have it and of course, she said yes. When I got it home, I researched the marking on the bottom and came upon the world of Gonder ceramics. This company was in Ohio and the pieces I have are between the 1940’s and 1950’s. This yellow vase is a real find for me. I had admired the photo of it in the collector’s book that I have and I was able to spot it from a distance on the vendors table. The nice thing about Gonder is that it is relatively inexpensive. I have only found one piece at each Antique Fair.

This drawstring bag is from another find at an antique fair. It is a linen tea towel. I cut it in half and added the fabric for the facing and made it into a drawstring bag. This bag is another great bag for my knitting and sewing projects. I don’t ever have enough tote bags. When I was younger, it was shoes, now it handbags, tote bags, and project bags.

Meanwhile, my knitting time has been severely restricted in September. With the start of school, I’m working longer hours and I’m really tired in the evening. I did finish an apron, knit from my own design. I don’t want to share a photo yet because I’ll be writing up the pattern and offering it for sale on my website and ravelry. It will be a month or so before it’s ready. All I can say, is that I’m really looking forward to sharing this pattern. The apron came out beyond my expectations.

I’ve also been working on a Ladies Shrug with some yarn that was in my stash. The pattern is by Plymouth yarn. With any luck, I’ll have it finished in a week or two. It’s all ribbing and simple enough to work on, even if I am half asleep.
And finally, here’s a photo of a sleeveless top that has been sitting in the closet, in one of my knitting bags for three years. This is totally ridiculous. It is completely sewn together. All that needs to be done is to weave in the few yarn ends and wash it. I am determined to wear it this fall. The only thing is, the yarn is a little heavy for a sleeveless top and I’m not sure what to wear under it. Maybe a three quarter sleeve t-shirt but I’m not sure about the neckline with a t-shirt under this top. Any suggestions?

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