Accessories for My Knitting

I went to a local Antique Fair last weekend and found these great vintage glove dryers complete with instructions. They are so cool and will come in handy for my glove knitting. Then I stopped at a booth that had thousands of vintage buttons. The woman that owned them was so nice and I could tell that she really enjoyed her button collection. I pulled out many, many cards of buttons and could have bought a lot more but settled on these.The photo doesn’t really show the clear one’s that well but believe me, they’re awesome. I’ll need to make a sweater with one button for the large glass one and I’m thinking of buying a fine gauge sweater and replacing the buttons with the other smaller glass ones. The colored buttons are perfect for so many projects that I’m not sure where they’ll end up but for now I’m just enjoying having them and pondering the possibilities of their uses.

Another accessory that I totally enjoy is my many, many Knitting bags and Tote bags for all those projects that are in progress. I use tote bags for everything from carrying my netbook, my lunch, carrying work back and forth from the office, and even carrying my mail to the post office. I keep a tote bag by the front door at all times and fill it with the things that need to go with me when I leave the house.

Here’s three of my favorite bags. The one on the left, I sewed from a tapestry fabric, the center one, I knit and sewed on the handles, and the one on the right is my Namaiste bag. I keep the Row Keeper Bracelet for knitting hanging from the handle so I’m ready to knit any time.
These two handbags are my newest and they’re terrific. These are custom made bags by Maddy Moo Creations. I am now an independent design consultant for Maddy Moo Creations. The quality of these bags is excellent. The best part about Maddy Moo Creations is that you get to pick the style of the bag and then choose the fabric. In 6 weeks, your bag arrives at your door. They also have great party opportunities where you can get a hostess exclusive bag for free and other bags at half price. I’m really excited about bringing these handbags and totes to my fellow knitters. I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

My knitting this week has been all over the place. I seem to be picking up a different project every day. I’ve worked on a baby blanket, a sweater, a sock, a scarf, and a dishcloth this week and haven’t made much visible progress on any of them. That’s what happens when I’m tired at the end of the day but want to knit. Now that the weekend’s here I’m hoping to focus on one project and get it near completion. I’ll let you know how that works out!

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