Busy, Busy Weekends!

Both last weekend and this one have been busy with activities so I haven’t finished any projects but I am making progress on three of them. My shrug is on the final 4 inches, my Wanida socks are done through the middle of the foot, and my mint chocolate chip socks are ready for the toes. Hopefully, next post will have a finished project. I’m expecting the shrug to be finished first. It’s the closest and easiest to finish.

Last weekend I went to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Here’s a photo of the baby Panda. He is as cute as can be and can you believe, he was sound asleep on those rocks. I took a lot of photos and will share more later. It was a great day!

While I was in D.C., I visited a Michaels’ store and was able to purchase this Yarn Shop. I’ve positioned it next to one of my framed pictures of the sea. This is where I’d like to be, in a shop, close to the ocean and the beach. Can you imagine, stopping by, sitting and knitting in such a place?

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