Knitting for Babies

Pictured here is my latest knitting projects for a baby. The blanket is my Swirls Baby Blanket. The pattern is my own design and is on my website. This is the first time I’m making it using this yarn and it’s coming out beautifully. The variegated yarn is Laines Du Nord Baby Cover, 100% Merino . I got this last winter at my LYS when it was on sale. I also bought the pink colorway, so when this blanket is finished, I’m going to make the same one in pink. The great blue project is a baby bunting that I’ve wanted to make for awhile. When I was a my LYS last week, this Snuggle by Alpaca Yarn Company was 30% off. It is ideal yarn for the bunting. I’ve always enjoyed the patterns by Sakonnet Purls and this bunting is as simple as could be.

Here’s a photo of another bunting pattern that I have. This is from the Golden Hands series circa 1971. I pull this pattern out every couple of years but haven’t made it yet. Maybe soon. I have to swatch some different yarns to find out which one is the correct gauge. The materials in the pattern are Fleisher’s Shamrock and the gauge is 13 st and 17 rows to 2 inches in stockinette. The size is 18-20 chest. So I’m thinking that’s newborn to 3 months. I do love this photo though.


while going through my yarn again, I discovered this wonderful match of sock yarns. There’s plenty here. It’s enough for a complete baby outfit, sweater, hats, socks, or maybe I should make a shawl for myself. Heaven only knows, how long it would take me to make a shawl using this yarn. I have shawls that are a larger gauge that have been waiting to be worked on for several years.

I haven’t touched my sock knitting all week. I think I needed a break from circular knitting. That going around and around gets to me after awhile. The sleeves for my sweater are also at a stand still. Just can’t find the motivation to work on them. It’s a shame, I really like this sweater and it’s got great buttons for when it’s finished. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll be inspired to finish it one day soon.

On a non-knitting note, I saw a true rainbow on Friday. We’ve had so much rain. I walked past my dining room window and noticed that the colors outside looked a little pinkish, it was just before dusk. When I looked out the window, an amazing rainbow was going across the sky. It was truly a sight to behold. I tried to take photos but I think somethings are met to be experienced and not preserved in photos.

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