Weekend Visiting & A Knitting Pattern Find

What a wonderful weekend. I had a chance to visit the American History Museum at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. By far the most impressive exhibit for me is still the American Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner. It always amazes me that two hundred years ago, a group of women sewed together this massive flag and it remains intact and is so cherished as to have a special exhibit in the museum. Unfortunately, they don’t allow photos. But they do allow photos at several of the other exhibits. This one is from the Doll House on exhibit. It’s the sewing room and I just love it. Can you imagine working in such a room.

I also saw some very old sewing machines and this exhibit of advertisements for sewing machines. It must have been an exciting time in history.
Mean time, while in the hotel, I had time to search for other blogs to read and came across wishiwasknitting.blogspot.com. I haven’t had a chance to read a lot of the posts but I was inspired by the February 18, 2008 post Tribble Tutorial. I hadn’t heard of a tribble. So when I returned home this evening, I sat down and made one in about an hour and a half. Here it is. I will certainly be making more of these. Although, I think I’ll make them a little wider. Before I do that though, I think I should wet this one and see how much it grows. They are a handy shape for washing and cleaning almost anything.

So now, I’m home and ready for the week to begin. With any luck tonight’s snowfall will be enough to have the day off from work tomorrow. I’ll need to get some work done but should be able to spend some time in my studio. I have aprons to sew, tote bags to finish, a bracelet order to work on, and several knitting projects waiting to be started and many others waiting to be finished. I continue to have many more projects than time to work on them. But, I think I like it that way. There’s always a choice of what to do next.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Visiting & A Knitting Pattern Find

  1. The tribble is very cute! Maybe I’ll have to try one, one of these days.

    I got to go to Washington DC, in 1978, with my family. I know we visited some of the museums in the Smithsonian, but I can’t remember if we saw that Flag sewing room. I’ll have to call my mom tomorrow, to see if she remembers. I know we saw the Air and Space Museum and the Art Museum and the Hope Diamond, but that’s about it.

    When the mall was crowded on Obama’s inauguration day, it was exciting to have memories of being on that mall, by the reflecting pool! Hope you had a fun trip.

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