Beginning Apron Sewing, Again

It’s been quite a week, lots of sewing and knitting. The tote bag, I spoke about in my last post is still waiting for me to hand stitch the lining to the bag, the sweater that I was diligently working on took a back seat to a few other projects after I started the sleeves. I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to knit sleeves. All that increasing to make them the proper shape requires more attention that I’ve been able to give them this week, and the other 2 tote bags that I was going to sew together are in the same place I left them last Monday afternoon.

I did , however, make this apron today. I’ve had aprons on my mind for at least the last six months. My very first sewing project as a child was an apron and I still love them. A few years ago, my parents were selling our family home and while packing up the attic, found some of those aprons that my mom and I had made. I have one of them framed and hanging up in my studio.

Last summer, while cruising Barnes & Noble, I found a book called A is for Apron. I’ve been looking through it again and again, knowing that I wanted to make aprons. Then a few months ago, I came across this green and creme colored piece of fabric in a store while away for the weekend. It just shouted “APRON”. So today, I finally assembled it into one. It’s very basic, no pattern used, except for the pocket. Just squared the fabric, used my sewing machine to hem the bottom and sides, sewed on the waistband and ties, and added the pocket. The waistband, ties, and pocket are scraps of fabric that I had in my studio. The lace is also from my container of trims. I’m really pleased with the combination of the rose colored rosebuds and green leaves on the pocket and waistband fabric and the green and cream of the main fabric piece.

I have lots of other apron ideas in my head. And to top it off, 2 weeks ago, again, while in Barnes & Noble, I found a new publication called apron-ology. It’s a beautifully done magazine full of great aprons made by many different designers. I am inspired by a different apron in this magazine every time I look through it. Some are similar to those that I have pictured in my mind and others are very different. It is becoming a real manual for the many combination’s of fibers that can become aprons. I may even submit one for their next publication.

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