Weekend Sights & Knitting Progress

Saturday was such a warm day. The first sign that winter is almost over. As I walked around the pond near my home these wonderful ducks were happily swimming around. It’s such a heartwarming sight to see these ducks. The pond attracts many visitors throughout the spring, summer, and fall but the ducks are my favorite.

Then a chance to visit the city and one of my favorite landmarks. Here’s the button and needle in the garment district. I was on my way to the theater and since we had a little extra time, I visited a few fabric stores along the way. Very soon I’ll make a special trip for fabric, trim, and buttons. NYC is the best place to shop for those things. It’s always a day of inspiration and I come home with many, many goodies.

Mean while, I have many projects on knitting needles. Right now, I have two baby sweaters with deadlines. We’ll see if I finish them on time (doubt it!). Also, I have a shawl started that needs to be finished in the next three weeks. In addition to that, I have a sweater that needs sleeves, socks that need finishing, and 3 afghans in progress. I’m also designing a few new patterns for knit dress dishcloths and I’m in the process of designing an apron that has both knit and fabric elements in it. Photos as soon as it’s done.

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