Knitting a Pinwheel Washcloth & A Great Cap

Wishing you Sunny Days & Blue Skies

Here’s a cap that I finished last week. I knit it with an organic cotton that I found on a weekend trip to Old Towne in Alexandria, Virginia. the pattern is from the Head Huggers chemo cap collection. It’s a gift for someone who needs it for those warm summer days. It only took one skein of yellow and a partial skein on blue. It’s super soft and washable.

And these are my version of the Knit Tribble. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I found the pattern and a great blog, Wish I was Knitting at the Lake. After I made the first one according to the pattern, I realized that the pattern is very similar to the swirled hat pattern. So I made the one on the right using 8 rows of garter stitch and 8 rows of stockinette stitch. When I sewed it together, it reminds me of a pinwheel and so I’m calling this version a Pinwheel Washcloth. I had some euroflax linen left from a project and so I used that. The result is an incredibly soft facecloth, the perfect size for face washing. I also have some cotton chenille, so the one on the left is made of that. Again, an incredibly soft facecloth. Right now I’m combining colors of the chenille in the pinwheel pattern. I’ll photo and post it as soon as it’s done. So, I’ve found more yarns in my stash to use in a new way.

Missed the deadline for the first baby sweater, but I’m going ahead and finishing it. I really like the sweater and this way I’ll have a sweater ready next time I need a gift. Right now I have many, many projects started and would like to finish a few before the weater gets warm. Some of my projects are winter knitting and will be put away by May 1 as I move to cotton and spring and summer knitting. There’s another whole set on projects that I put away in the fall that I’ll try to finish this season. I’m happy to say that all the yarn I’ve bought in the last few months has been for a specific project. I’m determined to stop “collecting” yarn that does not have a purpose.

March has been a hectic month so not as much knitting and sewing time as I like but that’s life!

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