Knitter Stash Puzzle DONE!!

Here’s a photo of my completed Knitters Stash puzzle. All 1000 pieces in place and lots of inspiration while focusing on putting it together. The last few years, I’ve gotten into the habit of making a puzzle through the dreary days of January. I find it really helps to spend an hour or so in the evening working on the colorful image of a puzzle. It’s relaxing. This one is too good to pull apart and put back in the box so yesterday, I went to the local art supply store and bought some puzzle glue and a 24″x30″ poster frame. I’m going to glue and frame it and put hang it up in my Studio. I’m off tomorrow for President’s Day and Tuesday, just because so hopefully I can get it done in the next two days.

My knitting is coming along. I’ve spent the week working on a sweater that I started a year ago. It’s really nice and I hope to wear it this spring. More about that next time. I made the body in one piece and it’s finished. I started the first sleeve last night. Hopefully i won’t be drawn to another project before this one gets finished. I have the most beautiful buttons for this sweater and I’m hoping that keeps me motivated to finish. We’ll see!

With two days off, I did some sewing today. A 9″ by 11″ tote with leather handles. I just have to hand sew the lining to the exterior of the bag and it will be ready to be added to my handmade shop. I have two other tote bags in progress and hope to finish them both this week. My sewing projects tend to go quickly.

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