An Old Favorite Afghan

Since I haven’t made enough progress on any one project to share, I thought I’d share this photo of an old favorite. I made this afghan about 30 years ago when I was young and single. It is made in strips and was sewn together by one of my special aunts. She always treated me wonderfully and actually taught me to knit as a child.

This afghan has been with me through a lot. I use it often and now with the cold,bleak days of winter, it always make me smile. It’s made with an acrylic and has been machine washed and dried many, many times.

I’ve made some progress on several projects, a sweater, another pair of socks and the rainbow afghan to name a few. I also combined these yarns and started this scarf.

I continue to try and use the yarns that I’ve collected. Since I took this photo, I deleted the white yarn. It was taking too much away from the golden browns and yellows in the other yarns. I have a brown wool fabric and I’m imagining using this as the collar of a cape or jacket. I’m not sure how long it will take for that to materialize.

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