Another Knit tote Bag-New Style for Me

I just finished this knitted tote bag. I bought this yarn two years ago at Stitches East in Baltimore. It’s by Wool in the Woods. The color name is “Lottery”. The handles are also from my supplies. This was super simple to knit. The bottom is a rectangle in garter stitch. It started out as my swatch with this yarn and then I decided to continue and use it for the bottom of the bag. It measures 5 inches by 8 inches. When it was done, I picked up stitches along the edge and knitted in the round until the bag was 9 inches high. After that I cast off the two sides and continued to knit the front to encase the handle. The I knit the back to encase the other handle. I am going to line this bag and I usually use a piece of plastic canvas covered in fabric to make the bottom sturdy.

I still have a lot of projects on my needles but at least this one is done. Right now, I’m working on several shawls and I decided to make a quick scarf. I needed the satisfaction of finishing something. I bought Misti Baby Alpaca yesterday. I’m working the mistake rib pattern on Size 11 needles. The yarn is wonderful to work with. I finished half the scarf last night. This one’s a gift and I need to give it to the recipient mid October so I expect to finish it right away.

I got a card in the mail yesterday from Save the Children. They’ve launched a new infant cap project Knit One, Save One so now I have a use for some of the baby yarn that’s in my stash. I think I’m actually making a little progress using the yarn that I have.

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