My Longest Work in Progress

I continue to work on many, many projects that are already started. Here’s the one that’s been around the longest. It’s a great cable stitch afghan that I started in 2000. I know how long it’s been around because I won the yarn by entering a contest to design a doll’s dress. The prize was a $50 gift certificate from Hershner’s catalog. The blanket is the cable stitch blanket that was in the Spring 1998 issue of Family Circle Knitting. That was always one of my favorite magazine’s. The pattern is now printed in the Family Circle Easy Afghans book. I am determined to finish this one this winter. I also have 3 other afghans on needles. More about those another time.

The past two weeks I’ve been busy with orders for the Row Keeper Bracelets. They should be in your local stores shortly. I’ve updated the packaging. There’s a photo to the left on the blog. Also, the striped baby sweater is almost done. I need to have it finished by Friday. I still have a sleeve and a half to go. It’s going to be close. It always take more time to finish than I anticipate. Sewing the seams and finishing the edges.

On the sewing side, I picked up a copy of Sew Simple magazine. There’s a great tote bag in it and instructions to add knitted trim to fabric scarf. Also, an ad for a new monopoly game called Stitch-opoly. I don’t know if I’d actually play it but it will be a great item framed in my studio.

Also in progress, 3 shawls, 3 pairs of soocks, 3 sweaters, and a few other items I can’t even recall right now.

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  1. Oh! You’re the row keeper bracelet person! I’d heard of those and had no idea where to find them! Will they be available at Stitches East anywhere?

    –AlisonH at spindyeknit.com

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