Setting Priorities & Continued Progress

Today I sewed together another fabric grocery bag from fabric that I have in my studio. Also, I had some nice wooden handles and so I used those too. This journey is shaping up. Every day, I discover great items in my studio just waiting to be turned into beautiful, useful projects. What’s turning into a lot of fun, is trying to coordinate yarns, fabrics, accessories such as ribbon, trim, and buttons, hooks, zippers, and lots of other little pieces into the projects.

What’s interesting is I know I purchased each of these pieces with a great idea in my head. Problem was my time was being monopolized by other priorities. Now I’ve made this project of using all I’ve collected into the priority. Of course that doesn’t mean I can pass up a great yarn sale.

My LYS creative knitworks
is having a super sale. So I bought a good quality yarn to make not one but two baby blankets. The price was just too good to leave the yarn in the store. I know I’ll use it, just not sure when!

I continue making my dishcloths and have started the second grocery bag. This one is totally different color combinations. I still have an awful lot of cotton yarn. I’m also beginning to work on the many socks that are in progress. There are 4 pairs started and yarn for at least 3 other pairs. I think that’s the next pile of yarn I’ll tackle.

2 thoughts on “Setting Priorities & Continued Progress

  1. I’ve been inspired as I’ve read through your blog. I’ve inhabited a wonderful sewing studio in our house for about four and a half years, and my stash of fabric and yarn has grown, but the actual knitting and sewing don’t keep pace. Yarn and fabric tend to come to me as gifts and “maybe you can use this”, as well as what I purchase. What a mess, what a challenge! But, you have inspired and encouraged me that it can be done. Thank you!

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