Another Knitting Project in Progress too long!

Here’s a terrific project that I started awhile ago. This is Fantasy Naturalle Cotton Yarn that I originally purchased to make a sweater and then really thought the colors were too pastel. So the yarn got put in the supply closet at least 4 years ago. Last summer, I decided to try the traditional diagonal knit pattern and transform it into a baby blanket. Of course, once I knit enough of it to see that I liked the pattern, color combination and texture, I put it aside for something else.

Now as I am determined to finish some of these WIP’s and use all the cotton yarn that I have, I pulled it out of the WIP pile and I’m finishing it. The finished size will be 22 inches by 28 inches. I also found some satin blanket edging by Wright’s, so I may sew that on the edges when I’m done.
What you see in the photo is the beginning of changing the square into the rectagle shape. I’ve progressed some more and tonight I’ll started to decrease the long edge and finish it. The second photo is a close up so you can see the pattern stitch. It’s knit 2 rows in solid and knit one row and purl one row in the variegated. I do love the effect that this stitch combination creates and I’ve always found the color combinations to be endless and create all different effects.

I’m also continuing to make the dishcloths although slowly the last two weeks because I’ve been sewing, preparing an order for the row keeper bracelets at Patternworks,
and of course, working. I have also made progress on the second knit grocery bag. I think I’ll line this one as the colors call for an outrageous printed fabric for the interior.

5 thoughts on “Another Knitting Project in Progress too long!

  1. good color integration – really subdues the pastels & would be appropriate for showers or for hospital charity blanket project. Seems like it would work up quickly.

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