Happy Mother’s Day-This week’s dishcloths

It was a very busy week so I only finished 3 dishcloths. Two of them I finished yesterday. One is another double stranded diagonal knit cloth. This one is small because I finished two balls of yarn. Still it’s large enough to be functional.

The other is a pattern I made up as I was knitting. It’s a double strand of yellow (which finished another ball of yarn). I cast on 25 stitches with size 11 needles and did a combination of seed stitch and stockinette stitch squares. I really like this design and plan on making another. This time I’ll write the pattern as I knit.

Yesterday I made the “sunflower” cloth from the one of the dishcloth pattern books that I have. It’s okay. It doesn’t show up well in the blue yarn that I used. I won’t make this one again. It was too much stitch and row counting for the type of knitting I’m trying to do to use up all this yarn.

This morning I needed a break from the dishcloth knitting so I did pick up a sock that I have on needles since earlier this year. It’s a beautiful merino yarn. I really want to finish some of the projects that I have started. Hopefully, leaving them sit for awhile will bring new enthusiasm when I return to them.

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