New Pattern

I finished another double strand cloth yesterday. That’s it for awhile. I put down the Size 11 needles and picked up a second set of size 8 needles. It’s amazing, how many of those I own. Reducing the number of knitting needles that I have is also on my list of things to do. I’m determined to only keep the knitting tools that I really love to use.

I found a ball of Sugar n Cream Baby Pastel stripes in the box of yarn. I decided to do one of my favorite stitches. The feather and fan. With the self striping yarn, it really knits up very pretty. This is the same stitch that I use for the skirt of the Dishcloth Dress. (I really need to name that dress.) Hopefully I’ll finish this cloth and have pictures by the end of the week. Although I’ve made quite a few cloths, the box does look any less full than when I started. This project is going to take awhile.
On Sunday evening, I pulled out another project that’s in progress just to see how much I had completed. It’s a really pretty baby blanket that I’m using left over Fantasy Naturalle cotton. It’s basically the diagonal dishcloth pattern except that I did two rows of stockinette in the variegated and two rows of garter in the white. It’s already 22 inches square. I think this project will count as “Dishcloth” knitting and I’ll work on it when I need a break from the smaller dishcloths. I’d like it to be 24 inches by 30 inches when it’s finished.

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