Finish another & Changing Patterns

I finished another rectagular, double strand cloth tonight. It’s smaller than the others because I used the rest of two balls of yarn that I had used for other dishcloths. I’m trying to start another as soon as I finish one. The size 11 needles were empty so I picked two partial balls of yellow to work with. I decided to switch from the diagonal pattern and do some seed stitch to start this one. I don’t think I’ll make the whole cloth in seed stitch but I’ll see how I feel when I pick it up tomorrow. I’m also almost finished with the third 4 x4 square. I’m also thinking it’s time to do a different pattern with the single strand and size 8 needles. I’ll see how I feel when I bind off this one.

Still not bored by making squares, but as you can see I’m already thinking about changing pattern stitches. Starting to see why it takes me so long to finish any one project.

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