This Week’s Total Dishcloths

I made 3 of these four by four block patterned squares. I think these may turn into a blanket if I make enough of them. They are 10 inch squares and I’ll need at least 24 to make a blanket. I’m thinking I could also add some plain garter stitch squares in between the 4 x 4 blocks for an interesting effect.

I finished 7 dishcloths this week. I wove in all the ends, listed them in my inventory of finished goods, and packaged them individually. I didn’t get much time to knit today. I have an order for the Row Keeper Bracelets for Knitting so I was busy making bracelets. By the way, I’m the original designer of the bracelet and still make each one that I sell. Visit www.patternworks.com to see them. By the time I did my weekly chores and had company for dinner, the day is over. Maybe I’ll be able to do a few rows before the night is over.

I’m not bored with this project yet. Good sign!

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