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Quarantine Knitting

I’ve been home for two weeks now and expect to be home for at least 3 more weeks. First thing I did was make a list of all the projects that have been on my mind for months. Now is a good time to finish some and start others. I’m blessed with an abundant stash of yarn and fabric and the truth is, I’ve been concerned lately that it was becoming unmanageable. So first, I gathered all the containers full of dishcloth cotton. I really need to use this or donate it to someone or an organization that can use it now rather than later. I kept a decent amount and hope that this summer, I can use most of it.

Next up, the sweater quantities of yarn. I usually don’t knit too many sweaters but you wouldn’t know that by looking at my Ravelry queue. So I picked 3 patterns and the yarn to knit them. I’m working on two and as soon as I free up the needles, I’ll work on the third.

My family has been wonderful while I’m at home with nowhere to go. We’ve been video chatting almost daily. My toddler granddaughter loves her ducks. She has a collection of small rubber ducks that I’ve gotten from the crane machines at the arcade.

I also have an old knitting pattern for these egg covers. So first she asked for a blue one, then a green one, then all the colors and a Mama duck. These are quick to knit and she is so thrilled to see them. I’ve named the blue one, Edna and the Green one, Edgar. This silly fun has kept me smiling.

Edna, Edgar, and friends

Then there’s the afghan that’s been on my mind for the last year. I finally figured out the dimensions of the squares that I want to include. 9 inch square will make a good sized afghan. Here’s the first one. Yarn is, of course from my stash.

There’s a lot of disappointment these days as my favorite yarn and knitting events are cancelled. No Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and no Block Island knitting retreat. I’ve decided to turn my disappointment into the ideal opportunity to use up my stash.

So how are you doing? I hope you’re safe and well and coping with the pandemic as best you can. Have you found new ways to use your time? Do you have what you need?

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