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More Hat Knitting Patterns

I just published Splendid Squares hat knitting pattern HERE.

Splendid Square Knit Hat (c)Debbie Trainor

Splendid Squares is knit on U.S. Size 7 needles using worsted weight yarn. It’s a simple to follow pattern creating a nice texture.

Splendid Square Hat (c)Debbie Trainor

This version uses North Light Fibers Atlantic. It is a wonderful 100% Falkland Islands Merino Wool in worsted weight yarn. The yarn is a pleasure to work with and the stitch definition is ideal for this pattern. This version is completed by a snap on pom pom that I purchased at one of my LYS’s.

Splendid Square Hat (c)Debbie Trainor

The white version is a more economical version using Patons Classic Wool. Classic Wool is 100% new wool and is readily available. I decided to leave this one without a pom pom and it looks equally as good as the version with the pom pom.

This pattern is FREE through December 31, 2019 in my pattern shop. It is my year end gift to my fellow knitters.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “More Hat Knitting Patterns

    1. Thanks so much. Sorry you missed the free pattern. Sign up for my newsletter and be sure to be notified of special offers.

  1. You, my sister, are a genius. You are an artistic knitting genius, and I admire you beyond measure. I discovered your blog after a detailed search to see if all stitches have names. Turns out they do!

    I have an oldish machine stitched sweater that shows off many lovely stitches beyond the simple patterns I can identify, i. e. garter, basic knit, cable, etc.. One thought led to another and I wondered if I could learn how to stitch them all. Silly me, I can’t even identify them. 🙂 There are books though, so one never knows.

    You have a new fan. I’m glad you’re here.

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