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Harmony Blanket Knit-A-Long Slip Stitch Stripes

Today I offer you the fourth square that I designed for The Harmony Blanket Knit-A-Long.  I really have enjoyed taking part in this knit a long and thank you for participating.  The final square of the Harmony Knit-A-Long will be posted on November 29, 2018.  Be sure to check the details on  the Underground Crafter.   The pattern is here and you can also download a free copy in my Ravelry store HERE along with the other 3 squares that I designed.  The download copy will be free until November 30, 2018.

This is the Slip Stitch Stripes Square.




U.S. Size 7 knitting needles

Vanna’s Choice Worsted Weight Yarn


Cast on 28 stitches

Row 1: K to last stitch, P1

Row 2: Sl 1, K to last stitch, P1

Row 3:  Repeat Row 2

Row 4: Repeat Row 2

Row 5: Sl 1, K3, P2, (WYIB Slip 1 Knitwise, P2) 6 times, K3, P1

Row 6: Sl 1, K5, (WYIF Slip 1 Purlwise, K2) 6 times, K3, P1

Row 7: Sl 1, K26, P1

Row 8: Sl 1, K3, P20, K3, P1

Rows 9-36: Repeat Rows 5-8 seven additional times

Row 37: Repeat Row 5

Row 38: Repeat Row 6

Rows 39-42: Sl 1, K to last stitch, P1

Cast Off





Sl-Slip stitch

WYIF-with yarn in front

WYIB-with yarn in back


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