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Knitting through a Crisis

I have been unable to post for more than 6 weeks due to another family crisis although I have been knitting my way through this latest crisis.  It started with the Florida Hurricane in September.  My Mom needed to be evacuated and with me 1200 miles away, it was stressful.  Once we made arrangements for her to stay somewhere safe, I reached for the lovely Neighborhood Fiber Co Studio Worsted that I purchased at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May.  The color I purchased is a colorway named Charles Village in a vibrant rosy red color.  I’ve read that the color red will give you courage and calm the fear and it certainly fit this occasion.

I had been envisioning a scarf using this stitch pattern which is similar to the pattern in my Let’s Go to Dublin Dress Dishcloth.  So I began to wind the yarn.  That process is so comforting and by the time I was finished, I felt centered and focused.  Then the knitting began.

As I continued to spend time with my knitting, the crisis escalated, and it was necessary to bring Mom to my home and find her a place to live closer to me.  This is for the best although moving her on such short notice was very stressful.  Knitting this scarf with it’s soft Merino yarn and easy to remember stitch pattern continues to bring me peace and comfort.

Here’s the scarf so far:

I’ll be publishing the pattern when it’s finished.  This scarf pattern needs a name.  Any suggestions?  I don’t thing naming it Irma is a good idea although to me it will always be the Hurricane Irma scarf!

4 thoughts on “Knitting through a Crisis

  1. I can understand your stress level so high especially with your mom so far away. Glad to hear that she is now close by to you! Loved the scarf ; looks so pretty. Always enjoy a pattern that is easy to remember! How about “rosy with love”

  2. So helpful–specific and matter-of-fact–thanks! As a certified worry-wart myself, I would appreciate any links on how colors refect/affect mood, on the order of “the color red will give you courage . . . “

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