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Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

Today’s knit stitch pattern has been in the works for about a month.  It is a variation of the Fancy Chevron stitch pattern that I posted on January 28, 2017.  When I knit that swatch, I was fascinated by the seed stitch chevron and knew that I wanted a variation to use in a new project.  I’ve spent many hours pulling out the piece of the pattern that I wanted to use.  So here is the result.  This is the seed stitch chevron pattern with one and one half repeats for a total of 33 stitches.

I knit this on U.S. Size 8 knitting needles with worsted weight yarn.

Getting these 22 rows done was quite a challenge.  Here’s a photo of my graph paper and notes.

Since the original pattern does not have the solid stockinette sections, it was a challenge to pull out the chevron.  As you see from my graph paper sketch, there are lots of notes.  Then I wrote each row as I knit it.  The wrong side rows were particularly challenging but I made it after a few errors.

Now I need to type up those hand written instructions before I can’t understand what I wrote.  Sometimes I leave the notes too long and then they don’t make sense to me when I try to knit the pattern a second time.

I’m planning a scarf with this pattern.  I need to decide on a border and how many stockinette stitch rows between the chevrons.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

  1. I love all of your patterns. You are so creative. Just curious what the stitch marker is marking in the pattern? The middle of the chevron?

    1. The stitch marker is there since I altered the original stitch pattern and marks where I improvised the next slant

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