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Adventures in winding yarn

Having a new skein of yarn is such an exciting event.  The color and texture, the possibilities of what I will knit with it.


Before the knitting can begin, the skein needs to be wound into a ball.  Now one would think that with all the knitting that I do, I would have a yarn swift but up until last week, here’s how I wound my skeins of yarn.

I set up 2 water goblets and used the stems to hold the yarn.  It’s a slow process but I’ve been doing it this way for years and it works.  I haven’t purchased a yarn swift because I don’t have a place in my studio to clamp it to a table.  Then I discovered the Nirvana table top yarn swift.  It is not only useful but beautiful and fits in my studio.

What a difference this makes in the amount of time that it takes to wind my yarn.  I can sit comfortably and the swift spins nicely as I wind the yarn into a ball.  This is my new favorite yarn tool.  Thanks to The Knitting Zone for supplying this great yarn swift from Nirvana Needle Arts.

When it’s not in use, I proudly display it on the cabinet in my studio.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in winding yarn

  1. Do you leave your yarn in a skein until you are ready to begin a project? Does the yarn change if it is in a ball & not used for awhile? Just curious

    1. I do leave my yarn in a skein until I’m ready to start my project. I just find it easier to store the skein and when I shop my stash, I have the pleasure of winding the yarn first. I’m not sure if the yarn would change if stored in a ball. Depends on how tightly the ball is wound.

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