Knit Stitch Patterns

Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

The stitch pattern that I have today is called Undulating Waves from Knit Stitch Dictionary by Debbie Tomkies.

This swatch is knit on U.S. Size 7 needles using a worsted weight yarn.  This is a 37 stitch pattern plus 6 edge stitches.  I cast on 1 width of the pattern and repeated the 14 rows of the pattern twice.

As you can see, this stitch pattern does not create a square.  The combinations of decreases and increases causes the pattern to have this unique shape.

One repeat of this pattern is 8 inches wide and when I cast off the upper edge, there is a 1 inch dip in the top edge.  So what is the best use of this stitch pattern?  Maybe as part of a shawl? Maybe a baby bib?  What do you think?

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